DUI in San Francisco – Rights with a Lawyer

DUI in San Francisco – Rights with a Lawyer

In San Francisco, DUI policies are strictly enforced. Whoever you are, you can get halted for driving drunk. DUI offenses can adversely affect your records, work, and track record. If you’re looking for to get employed by a big business, you might find it very difficult if you have a DUI record. And it takes years before that record can be taken out! A single offense in DUI can cost you in terms of money, time and effort. In these hard times, facing legal charges is something that you don’t want to experience irrespective how less serious it is.  Policeman in San Francisco are performing drunk-driving tests, or sobriety trials, in an effort to stop road accidents, as a result of DUI.

But sometimes, things occur just because they do. And in the case DUI happens to you, you don’t want to be left with feelings of uncertainty. As a citizen in San Francisco, CA, one must always know your rights during DUI proceedings.

Due Process

It is an important right of any one to obtain due process. It’s actually found in our very own constitution. Therefore, it is your right to be presented by an attorney. If ever you’ll be charged with DUI, get in contact with a San Francisco DUI Attorney Law office as soon as possible. Make sure to hire a trained lawyer to see to it you’ll have a more substantial probability of winning the case. The law firm will be there to uphold your rights and make sure you are respected during the overall proceedings of the case.

During DUI proceedings, the person charged has two choices in the law court hearings. You can either decide to have a jury, which will be composed of several people to decide whether you are guilty or not. If you don’t want to have a jury, you can only choose the court justice to decide on your case. Your San Francisco DUI attorney law counseling will give you information and facts on which choice is better for your situation.

You, in addition, have the right to call into question the person who incriminated or charged you of breaking the regulations on DUI. Possibly the policeman did not use breathalyzer or any sort of sobriety trial but nevertheless, you were arrested. Your lawyer can therefore call into question the legitimacy of the allegations, and likely have the case brushed aside because of the deficiency of proof.

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