DUI in San Francisco – Some Things to Remember

DUI in San Francisco – Some Things to Remember

In San Francisco, DUI laws are enforced to the letter of the law. Whoever you are, you can get held for driving while intoxicated. A DUI criminal charge can adversely bear upon your life, work, and reputation. If you’re hoping to get employed by a major company, you might find it very difficult if you have a DUI record. And it takes years before that record can be erased! A single breach of the law in DUI can mean money, time and stress.  In these hard times, facing legal charges is something that you don’t want to get, irrespective of how less serious the charge is.  Policeman in San Francisco are executing drunk-driving tests, or sobriety tests, on a regular base trying to prevent incidents arising from DUI.

But sometimes, things occur just because they do. And whatever the case, if DUI happens to you personally, you will need some assistance. As a citizen in San Francisco, California, one must always be absolutely conversant of your rights during DUI proceedings.

It is a basic right of any person, regardless of his/her stature in life, to obtain due process. We can find this right stated in the United States Constitution. Therefore, it is your right to be assisted by a lawyer. When charged with DUI, call a DUI attorney in San Francisco law agency as soon as possible. Be sure to hire a professional attorney to make sure you’ll have a more substantial chance of coming through the case. The law firm will be there to uphold your rights and make sure you are represented during the entire court proceedings of the case.

During DUI cases, the incriminated has two options regarding the law court hearings. You can either decide to use to have a jury which will be made of several people to conclude whether you are guilty or not. If you don’t want to have a jury, you can simply choose that the judge decides on your case. Your San Francisco legal professional law counsel will give you information and facts on which option   is better for your situation.

The attorney can question credibility of the one who incriminated or charged you of breaking the regulations on DUI. For example, the policeman did not use breathalyzer or any form of sobriety trial,   however, you were arrested. Your  legal professional  can therefore question  the  genuineness of the  allegations and  likely have  the case  disregarded  because of the lack  of proof .

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