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Located on Alameda Island, the city of Alameda faces the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. This moderate sized town is unique in that it is not actually on an island. It is connected to the mainland and it shares Oakland International Airport. Arts and culture are both important in town and regular shows take place at the Altarena Playhouse and the Alameda Theater. The business district of the town is fairly large, and you will easily be able to find an Alameda DUI attorney or any professional lawyer or service if you need one.

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The USS Hornet is located near Alameda and a museum is dedicated to the World War II ship on its deck. Additionally, weekend events and dances are held on the historic ship. Other museums to visit in Alameda include the Pacific Pinball Museum, the Alameda Museum, and the Alameda Naval Air Museum. If you enjoy the waterfront, then you can visit Crab Cove and Crown Memorial State Beach. Because of the remote location of the town, the beaches are much less crowded than other areas.

Alameda is just minutes away from San Francisco and you will be able to drive into the larger city whenever you would like to enjoy more shopping and dining options as well as more commercial services and a busy nightlife.

If you live in Alameda, it’s important to be responsible and avoid driving under the influence. A DUI in California is very serious and you could face repercussions that can affect your future. You will need an Alameda DUI lawyer if you have been arrested for drunk driving. Be sure to contact us as soon as you can after your arrest so that we can get started on your case right away. The sooner we can be a part of the investigation, the better.

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