Privacy Policy

Confidence and privacy are of paramount concerns in matters relating to your situation. All of your conversations and discussions about your DUI arrest will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be disclosed to any other party without your written consent. The lawyer/client confidentiality agreement is vital to the protection of your rights as well as relating all the important information about your case to us so we can provide you with the best defense possible.

The lawyer/client privilege is established after we sign a contract that stipulates that all information received in relation to your case is not subject to any public scrutiny or release unless you sign a written consent. This means that a simple phone call, email or fax is not sufficient to establish such a confidence, it must be a signed contract so you can be legally covered by the attorney/client privilege when it comes to information about your case.

Honesty is always the best policy when speaking to your attorney. No matter how embarrassing or uncomfortable the information you have may seem, your San Francisco DUI attorney has handled hundreds of cases and keeps all pertinent information confidential. You should not feel embarrassed by information that you might think will shock or make uncomfortable your attorney. An experienced, knowledgeable San Francisco DUI attorney understands and keeps confidential your information in terms of your case. This will not only spare you any unnecessary embarrassment but allow you to relate all the important information that can make a difference in your specific case.

It must be noted that information you relate that has no bearing on the specific DUI case may not be covered by the lawyer/client confidentiality agreement depending on the circumstances. If you have any information of that type you must be advised that such information might fall into a category that they agreement may not cover. During your consultation please feel free to discuss what the full parameters of the lawyer/client confidentiality entails and what types of information may fall outside that realm.

Information that is gathered about you will only be used to establish contact in the relation of why you contacted us. Such outside gathering of information is not uncommon and anything beyond the parameters of your specific case will not be used. But if there are circumstances in which this information is important we will contact you at some future point for discussion.

Any information that we do possess about you will be discussed fully and openly upon your request and we will freely delete any of information that you so desire. You are the one that makes the final decision when it comes to what information and resources we can use to fully defend your rights in court.

Feel free to contact us for a free consultation about your DUI arrest and we can provide you information about the specifics of the lawyer/client relationship, the parameters of what that entails and what necessary paperwork must be signed in order for you to take advantage of this important service.