Castro Valley

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Castro Valley is close to San Francisco in Alameda County and it holds the distinction as the most populated unincorporated area in all of California. Because this area is steeped in history, there are numerous landmarks to note, including the first school in Castro Valley, which dates back to 1866.

The town does have a busy commercial center on Castro Valley Boulevard. In this section of town, you will be able to find professionals, like doctors and lawyers. You can even find specialty services, like a Castro Valley DUI attorney if you need one.

The Harry Rowell Rodeo Ranch is close by and is a part of the Hayward Area Parks and Recreation Department. You will be able to enjoy rodeos at this ranch on a regular basis. For the whole family, there is Golden Tee Golfland. This park includes four different miniature golf courses as well as a large arcade that adults and kids will be able to enjoy. Oyster Bay is close by and you will be able to learn about wildlife in the area and on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. If you want to enjoy the unique redwood trees, then a short drive will take you to Redwood Regional Park, which offers a driving tour and walking trails.

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It’s important to realize the seriousness of a DUI in California. Drinking and driving is a serious offense and it can result in repercussions if you don’t hire the right Castro Valley DUI lawyer. You need the type of legal representation that will protect your rights from the beginning to the end of the proceedings. If you need an attorney, then call us as soon as you are arrested so that we can get started on your case. We will work to ensure the best outcome from your DUI court proceedings.

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