Half Moon Bay

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One of the small coast towns in the San Francisco area of California, Half Moon Bay offers a quiet, waterfront way of life for those who want to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Half Moon Bay is small, but you do have local business options if you don’t want to have to travel out of town when you need professional services, like a Half Moon Bay DUI attorney. You certainly don’t want to spend time in jail, so if you are caught drinking and driving, you should call a lawyer right away.

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Half Moon Bay is also a historic town and there are four sites that have actually been included in the United States Registry of Historic Locations. They include: the Episcopal Methodist Church, the Robert Mills Dairy Farm, the James Johnston Home, and the William Simmons House.

There are four different beaches in this town that you will be able to enjoy: Poplar Beach, San Gregorio Beach, Half Moon Bay Beach, and Pomponio Beach. The Fitzgerald’s Marine Reserve and park is just to the north of town and it is a place chosen to protect shoreline creatures and plants indigenous to the area. The Big Wave Surf Beach offers some of the largest waves to be found on the California coast.

Half Moon Bay happens to be the location of the ruins of Purissima. These ruins are of the only ghost town in this area of California.

If you are arrested for a DUI, it’s important that you act as quickly as possible. When you contact a Half Moon Bay DUI lawyer soon after your arrest, you can expect a better outcome. You shouldn’t spend time in jail when there are so many beaches and things to do in town. Be sure to contact us if you have been arrested and we will look out for you.

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