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Situated just to the west of the San Francisco Bay, Millbrae is a small town with extremely picturesque views of the surrounding hills and the ocean as well. Noted for being located on the rolling hills, Millbrae is home to three different lakes and attractive scenery.

If you need professional services, then you will be glad to live very close to San Francisco itself. You can find a Millbrae DUI attorney, any type of lawyer, or other service without ever leaving home.

One of the best-known attractions in Millbrae is the Green Hills Country Club. This private club is available to local residents, and it includes an 18 hole golf course, a clubhouse, a restaurant, and a pro shop.

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Close to your home, you will be able to enjoy the San Mateo County Fair, the Maker Faire, and the Dance Vita Ballroom. If you are looking for family activities, then you can take your children to the CuriOdyssey, an interactive science and nature attraction, Safari Run, and the San Francisco Zoo.

If you want a night out, then you could drive into San Francisco, where you will find a busy nightlife, and a variety of different dining establishments. You can also choose from many shopping options if you want to spend the day in the city.

If you are arrested for drinking and driving in Millbrae, then don’t take your charges lightly. DUI in California is a serious offense that could result in repercussions that affect the rest of your life. Instead of taking any chances with your future, you should call a Millbrae DUI lawyer right away. You need someone who knows the law in the state and will be able to work for you. When you require an attorney, call us. We will get started on your case right away.

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