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A small community in the San Francisco Bay area, Sausalito is actually located on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge. After World War II, this town became a favored place for the artistic and the wealthy to live. Because of this, Sausalito is largely residential and is the home of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. There are so many breathtaking views at the bridge and from the town, so you certainly don’t want to miss out on them because you are in jail for a DUI. If you get arrested, you should contact a Sausalito DUI attorney as quickly as possible.

Because Sausalito depends heavily on the tourist industry, it has many things to see and do. The marina is one of the only ones open to the public in California, and many people enjoy visiting the waterfront here. There is also a wide network of community parks that offer picnic areas, clubhouses, beaches, playgrounds, and more.

A few of the other attractions in Sausalito include the Point Bonita Lighthouse, Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, and Ring Mountain. Because the town is just eight miles from San Francisco, you could easily drive into town and enjoy shopping, dining, or a night out.

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Keep in mind that a DUI in California is considered a serious offense. You need to be prepared for the repercussions if you do get arrested for a drinking and driving charge. To avoid jail time and other problems, you need to contact a Sausalito DUI lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest. You need someone working on your side who will be able to get you the best possible outcome. If you need an attorney, then contact us today. We are experienced in DUI laws for California, and we will be ready to work on your defense right away.

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